What don't you like about Tom Cruise? RAW DATA
sample size = 300
What don't you like about Tom Cruise?
1Nothing I really like him.
2he stuck on him self
5He doesn't seem very genuine.
6He thinks is too cool
7i hate everything about him. he sucks as an actor
8I think he is a great actor but not a very good husband
9I dont like that he acts like he is better than everyone else.
11He's good actor, but hes a real jerk
12his ego
14his scientology beliefs
16not sure
18his apparant (whether real or not) arrogance; Scienetology
21Loves himself
22Vain Scientologist
23He is a strange religious freak
24i like him and dislike nothing
25he seems really weird and kinda crazy
26That he left Nicole Kidman.
27he is full of him self,
28He is much too self centered!
29He is nice
30I dislike that his personality seems unstable.
31He is a great actor.
32that he isnt here,nothing else.
33There is nothing about tom cruise i dislike.
34I really have nothing aganst him because he worked and earned money on his own merits'. On the other hand I hate Chelsea Clinton because she got handed high paying jobs' based on who her parents' are.
35I fine him to be very argon
36His controlling nature
37to full of himself
38just about everything
39his ridiculous religion
43I like Tom Cruise over all but it seems like he isn't being totally honest about some things in his life.
44his arrogant attitude
45Nothing. He is ok!
46science christian
47To good looking for me.
49hes too arrogant
50he is a great actor good stunts in movies
51Hes a smart ass
52absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!
53I hate the Scientology thing.
54smiles too much and sometimes acts like an idiot
57don't know much about him, have never seen any of his movies, so can't say if there is anything about him i dislike.
58Thinks he's GOD
60I just think the media makes him out to be crazy. The Scientology part is crazy
62hes an idiot that thinks hes better than anyone else
63His church!
64he is a good actor
65he is flipping weird
66He is a little strange. I do not trust members of cults.
68his movies are good and his politics are not
69his "religion"
70Something that he can't help but he is short. I like tall leading men.
71everything i think he is a idiot
72That he and his bitch ass church are allowed to treat people like shit.
73He's a scientologist nut.
74i hate him. everything about him
75don't know
76I don't think he is an honest person.
77I think Tom Cruise is somewhat arrogant.
78he is ok
80he seems arrogant
81He's arrogant enough to believe he is not crazy
82nothing i dislike
84it's time for him to do movies that don't require his unrealistic stunts. he's getting too old
85his religion and he just thinks he is too good for everyone else.
86they way he treated his wife and child
88he seem phony
89He's a control freak in a crazy religion
92his personality and looks
93he's a religious zealot/jerk
94I like his movies but not much else.
95he's a scientologist.
96Sometimes seems a bit arrogant
97He's too judgemental of others beliefs
98There isn't anything that I dislike about Tom Cruise.
99He is a snob.
100I like him, he is cool
101sometimes, he can be odd. But I think he is a great actor.
103he thinks he's better than everyone else
104he's so arrogent
105I do not know enought about Tom Cruise to give an answer.
106I neither like nor dislike Tom Cruise
109However can I dislike a fellow, whom I don't know? Ask a different question.
111I like Tom Cruise.
112I don't think he's a straightforward person; too involved in scientology
113I believe he is stuck up and takes advantage of women.
116I don't think he is a good actor.
117I'm sorry that he is involved with Scientology however that is his business
118the fact that he don't do fantasy movies any more.
120I've never met Tom Cruise so I don't know if I have anything to like or dislike about him.
121scientology craziness
122nothing he is an idiot who is in a Scientology cult
124Fair enough actor, don't like the roles he plays.
125I like Tom Cruise. He's a decent actor but gets a lot of bad press for his religion which is stupid.
127he good actor
130his attitude his religion
132he is too weird
136Needs to do more action movies
137Too much of a show off and too visible with his Scientology.
140Much to egotistical and standoffish, and full of himself.
141his better than thou attitude
142i dont kow
143he is short and creepy
145He is a brainwashed cult crazy lunatic with an intolerant agenda.
148He is a weirdo ever since the War of the World Movie
149I love him
151he is a weird person
152I think he's a little fanatical
153he is crazy
155Absolutely nothing.
157His inflated ego.
158I do like him!
160I dislike everything I refuse to watch anything he is in.
161He is over rated and a little weird
162I like him, there nothing to dislike about him
163acting is good--his personnlity sucks
164Pretty much everything!
166I like TOm cruise
167Nothing in particular
168he is a washed-up has-been. His star is quite faded.
171He seems arrogant and full of himself. A know it all.
172his religion
173i dont know much about him
174He is creapy
177He is annoying and arrogant
178He can't act anymoreand his head is to big for his ego. And all he does this the same thing, seen one mission seen them all.
179He thinks he knows everything and is obnoxious
180He's sort of weird, and the fact that he divorced Nicole just before their 10th year anniversary was just low.
181He acts like he is better than everyone else and he is the only one that is right.
182nothing i dislike
183good actors and no dislike him
184hes just weird and a scientologist
185Whether he actually is or not, his media persona is crazy, unhinged, controlling, and strange.
187he's too full of himself!
190he's arrogant
191He's full of himself.
192nothing nothing
193he is crazy
194Good actor but not sure about his religious connection.
195He's pretty egocentric, and I don't think he's a very good actor - pretty much all the characters he plays are the same.
197I think he's crazy
198He's a decent actor - his Scientology beliefs are nuts
199He seems to get the STRANGEST publicity.
200He's crazy
201He thinks he knows more than other people because he is a Scientolgist
203good actor
204Don't like anything about Tom Cruise.
205i like tom cruise but he can have his moments he needs to break away from the crazy religion he is in and try to make it work with his ex wife to take care of his daughter
206He's overrated and not a good actor
207his narrow views on other faiths
208He seems crazy.
209he's cool
211his religious beliefs or sinintology practices
213that he's a Scientologist
214He is odd
215he's crazy
216I thank he ok for an actor
217I think he is arrogant and has a weird religious philosophy.
218i like his good acting and boyish look nothing i don't like about T.C.
219His particular faith which he appeared to force his ex wife to accept and live according to their rules.
220I like Tom cruise
221His Scientology is forced upon people. He also appears smug.
223that he is a christian scientist.
224Everyone thinks he's hot but I just think he's okay.
225I have neutral feelings
226He's cocky and weird at the same time
227no good movies hes played in lately
228He is too phonie
229he reflects an unreal image
230He pushes his religion on people.
231Nothing dont know the guy.
232maybe because he believe in scientogy
234He's a Scientologist.
235Other than his religious views, nothing.
237I respect the religion of eveyone ... But sciensology is enough...
238He's a crazy cult member who puts other people down for not thinking the way he does.
239He seems arrogant and "a know it all"
240that he assumes he is better that everyone with little regard to others.
241His movies from the 90s and 80s. I dislike his psycho religion.
244He appears very cocky
245I think he is overrated. I don't like his choice of movies, his style, or really anything about him.
246his hair
247He judges people and their lifestyle. for example when said bad things about Brooke shields because she took anti depressants after she had her child.
249I like him as an actor and his private life none is concern of mine
251Crazy man, religious beliefs.
252Nothing really u can't take his great acting away from him , he's kida weird, but who r we to say
253He's ok. I'm not quite sure who exactly he really is
255Nothing at all, I happen to think that he is an egomaniac, although i did like his wife Katie Holmes and I love their little girl Sury!
256what is it?
257Not much.
258I don't like that he's a controlling mysogynist, or his involvement with the church of scientology
259His religious affiliation in the last several years.
260Not sure just don't see why ppl like him so much.
263He seems to be very cocky
264He's gone off the deep end.
265His affiliation. With Scientology
266I don't care for his religious choices and how he treats his women.
267Don't like the way he has and still does use his daughter to get his way with the baby's mother.
268There is nothing about him that i don't like
269I like Tom cruise
270I adore Tom Cruise however; the Scientology issue is extremely worrisome and very odd.
271i like is good actor
272well i like that he is a great actor and i love most of the movies that he stars in i really dont have any dislikes about him.i like when he act in action pack movies those are my favorites
273One of my favorite actors
274That he perches about Scientology to others is a dislike but I love his movies!!
275That he's crazy
276Whats not to like?
277The way he keeps his children in tabloids and his religious.views being made into headline news
278He seems to be elusive about his religion.
279his acting skill is excellent
280His religion is a little bizarre and I'm not a fan of any of his movies.
281I like Tom cruise have nothing negative about him?
282He's a self obsessed idiot.
283Im not familiar with Tom Cruise
284I find him to be a little arrogant even though he is a pretty good actor.
285Tom Cruise is a good actor. There isn't anything I don't like about him.
286everything, I just dont think he is a good director, actor, husband to kate, or a good father to their children
287I don't dislike anything about Tom Cruise
288He is arrogent and doesn't know what he is talking about.
289I don't like him because of his cockiness he always seems to have whenever he is shown on tv in interviews or talkshows.
290i don't have an opinion on tom cruise
292The different religion he is fallowing
293I like all off tom cruise
295I do not really pay attension to who acts in movies I just watch the movie.
296Tom Cruise is too cocky. It annoys me.
297His arrogance
298Tom Cruise just isn't that interesting in this day and age.
299I dislike the way he changed over to Scientology and the drama with Katie Holmes and his self.
300he is gay